More than a feeling

It’s so hard to believe almost another year has gone by since I last posted! The months came one after the other much faster than I expected. Now it’s summer once again, and so many things have changed. For one thing, I’m nearly done with clinical clerkship. This means I’ll be graduating yet again, this time from medical school, and will be separated from the wonderful friends I’ve made in the last four years. :( So as much as I’m happy to finally get my degree, I’m also dreading the inevitable changes. In fact, I was writing a rather serious post about graduating and internship but decided to keep things light instead.

I’m looking forward to the summer break as always, even if it’s SUPER SHORT and will never in any way compensate for the tortuous months I’ve spent as a hospital slave. Here’s my summer/post-revalida bucket list! :D

  1. Go out of Manila, and as far away as possible. I doubt I’d be able to travel anywhere far, but I don’t mind. Get me to Coron or Boracay or Bohol or any other beach (please!!), Corregidor, Sagada, Baguio, Pangasinan, Batanes, Hong Kong, wherever! As long as it’s a different, preferably nontoxic environment. :)
  2. Go around Manila, too. I wanna eat at all the new restaurants and go to Mercato Centrale and all the other markets I’ve never had the time to go to thanks to clerkship. And of course, that Intramuros and/or Pasig River tour my classmates and I keep talking about but never actually did.
  3. Shopping! Not the most practical thing to do but I just want to update my wardrobe (especially since half of it doesn’t fit me anymore… sigh) and go to all the new shops. And I’ll have to buy blouses to wear under that white short-sleeved jacket.
  4. Read lots and lots of fiction. I started readingThe Godfather right after my oral revalida and now I’m reading young adult stuff ’cause they’re easier to read. I’ve been into fantasy books recently because they’re an instant escape. Just finished Lauren Oliver’s Delirium and while it’s not the best book ever, I’m still a fan. :)
  5. SLEEP A LOT. While I can still do it without guilt.
  6. Watch Kaos at Resorts World.
  7. Renovate my room. That means rearranging the shelves, throwing away the junk I’ve managed to accumulate, painting the walls and hopefully having some new furniture.

While I don’t think I’ll accomplish even half of this list, I’m just very thankful to finally have a break. The possibilities are endless. :)


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