Fast Forward

(Via Bryant Thompson)

My summer vacation has come and gone before I could even blog about it. Now there are only two days left before clinical clerkship officially begins. To say I’m nervous is one big understatement. Our first rotation is Pediatrics, and I’ve no idea at all how I’m supposed to approach kids (adult patients are already difficult enough :p). I hope I’ll eventually get the hang of it after a few weeks.

I’m also pressured to decide on where I’ll be going for internship–right now, I don’t have an idea at all, except for the hospital nearest to our house. I guess this is really it. It didn’t even occur to me until today that my classroom life has finally ended, even more so next year. Time to face the music and plot how my life will go from here, after years of just sitting in classrooms and drifting around. Good luck to me and all of those feeling the same way. :)


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