British Vogue March 2010

Just found out that one of my favorite style idols, Alexa Chung, is on the cover of the latest issue of British Vogue! Now I kind of want to buy this issue. But it’s quite pricey here so I’ll probably just wait for it to go on sale later on at the local Booksale :p I just love her sense of style AND her hair. The British Vogue website has a special feature where Alexa posts her daily outfits too.

In other news, today was pretty fail. The whole physical examination process we’re required to go through before clinical clerkship is one big chaotic mess consisting of annoying undergrads, grumpy old secretaries and long lines. Can’t believe it’s almost March now, though! I want the year to be over but I’m afraid of starting clerkship at the same time. I’m planning to maximize the measly 2 week vacation we have before clerkship turns my life upside down.


One response to “British Vogue March 2010

  1. Nik

    Also love Alexa Chung and her choice of shoes! Too bad her clothes aren’t available here.

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