Stuff to look forward to

I was super excited to hear from my cousin, who works in SSI, that Muji is coming to Manila hopefully in June/July this year :) I super super love this store for its philosophy, simple but efficient products, and really unique food and drinks (my favorite items to buy!). They sell almost everything too–from clothes, liquid dispensers and travel-size jars and bottles, appliances, toys, school supplies and even different skincare lines. I’m so glad I don’t have to conserve my pens, highlighters and candy stash anymore now that a local branch is finally coming.

Other stores opening this year are all cheap and chic/fast fashion brands. There’s New Look, which from what I know is pretty similar to Topshop, and also Cache Cache. And of course there’s (dun dun dun) H&M and Forever 21! Not that excited about H&M but I’m curious as to what the REAL Forever 21 here will be like, mostly because F21 is a lot cheaper :p

Being a mallrat and all, I’m so happy that the shopping here is getting better every year. Last year I particularly loved Saizen and Accessorize, even if I don’t shop there often. We even have a local Hermes now, which is still quite hard to believe :p I read somewhere that new Korean beauty shops have opened in some SM malls too. I really wish we had 3-day weekends every week so I can have enough time to do what I want!


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  1. Nik

    Been a while since I’ve commented here. H&M? Really? I visited New Look’s site and it looks quite interesting.. I don’t know. We’ll see when it finally opens here.

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