Hello there

It’s 2010 already, happy new year! Better late than never right?

January is almost at an end, and this is the only weekend since the year started that we don’t have much to do.  I really can’t afford to slack ’cause there are only two months left before our clinical clerkship begins. To say I’m nervous is one huge understatement! Anyway, here is what I’ve been doing/thinking recently.

  • Trying to recover from a nasty cold. It’s so bad that my sense of taste has been altered -_- that’s never happened to me before so it’s been really annoying. I was eating a pack of coconut M&Ms last night and couldn’t taste anything at all…
  • Watched Coraline and Spirited Away last night. Really good animated movies with memorable visuals :) I thought Dakota Fanning was pretty good. And I didn’t know you pronounced it as cora-line.
  • Ate great Chinese food at Suzhou Dimsum yesterday. The congee tasted bland, probably due to my cold but the xiao long bao (dumplings with soup inside) was a winner! I want more, even if my tongue is numb from all the soup and tea I’ve been consuming.
  • I think most of my exams were okay (except for Pedia). I really hate that feeling you get right after the exam where you don’t know if you’ll pass or fail and have to wait till the answer key comes out ’cause most of your answers are wtf. I almost always get that.
  • I really hope the next shift will be okay. I hope I get kind facilitators.
  • It’s annoying how there aren’t many nice clothes in the mall these days. Seriously -__- even the reliable Topshop is so blah now… why don’t they ever bring in the good stuff? Can Muji or F21 please open soon?
  • Wanting a netbook and a compact camera with SLR-like capabilities. Saw possible choices yesterday, but I sadly don’t have the budget :(
  • Thinking of changing my hairstyle… short or long, I’m definitely planning to have it curled before the school year ends.
  • Lastly, no classes on Thursday next week! Yay!

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