I hate today, part 2

The week hasn’t been going smoothly so far. It started off with me diagnosed as having pericoronitis, and I’ve been going home early more often than I’d like so I can just sleep off the pain instead of constantly taking painkillers. Today was particularly bad because I suffered a really bad migraine and couldn’t concentrate on our clinico-radiologic correlates, which were really interesting. I think all these high dose meds have been making me dizzy. :(  I hope it goes away within the week. Luckily, it’s only the 2nd week of class so there aren’t many lectures yet.

I just keep thinking of all the things I’ll hopefully be doing within the next few weeks to forget about it. First, the plan to watch New Moon with my subsection this Friday–I hope we get tickets! I hear it’s sold out everywhere. And I think I’ll be watching it again after that, haha. Next, the upcoming SHINee concert! I hope we can go to that too, but it might be difficult thanks to the undoubtedly crazy fangirls, the free admission and the fact that it’s at 3pm on as school day.

There’s one thing, however, that I’m not looking forward to: having my wisdom tooth removed. Everyone says it’s painful and that I’ll be having trouble eating. And to think it’s the Christmas season too! At least I won’t gain a lot of weight? hahaha.


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