Just a minute in…October


How true :p (from ShareSomeCandy)

Long time no see, blog.

Drinking… prune juice a few days ago. Now it’s a bottle of oolong tea I bought for the free charm it came with.

Listening… to the Spring Awakening cast recording. Really wonderful songs and voices :) It made me appreciate the musical so much more. I’m going to try and listen to a few soundtracks too (Where the Wild Things Are, (500) Days of Summer and New Moon).

Wanting… this bag! But it’s next to impossible. The Marc by Marc Jacobs Twisted Q Lil Riz Bag (from Shopbop.com).


Plus: black booties (though I doubt I’ll wear them often–it’s just that they go so well with skirts and dresses), a purple top from the Mango Think Up line, plus light blue Mango denim shorts. Seriously, I’ve been hunting for a decent pair of shorts since summer but I never find anything :( It’s fall/winter in stores now.

Loving… sembreak. It may have been shortened to 1 week in my case, but I’m still looking forward to waking up late, roaming malls and doing nothing. Better than all the 1-week breaks we had between classes.

Watching… Glee! This show is super funny :) Too bad the next episode is still in November. I also plan to catch up with Gossip Girl and True Blood in the next few days. Also watched (500) Days of Summer yesterday, that movie is love :)

Reading… all the books I bought recently but haven’t read or finished yet. This includes The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown and Watchmen by Alan Moore.

Hoping… that during this Halloween weekend, a lamia or some terrible demon comes and drags the Clinical Epidemiology department head to hell :) yeah! Happy Halloween everyone!

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