What a dreadful week this was. My exams pretty much left a trail of wreckage behind, but I’ve had enough misery for the week, physically and mentally. I’ve decided to just do the things that I love instead of mulling over it.

1. Listen to good music and look at lovely art.


I listened to Coldplay and posted this kitty illustration because I think cats are the cutest (but I like dogs too, in case you were wondering). More from this incredibly talented artist here.

2. Get out of the house. Although shifting exams = bad for your wallet. Case in point:


Topshop denim shirt, Trunk Show denim-ish dress and Agatha Scottie necklace. But it was Jow who bought the shirt, probably out of pity? Haha ;p

3. Pig out. Ate more of the beef yakiniku I’ve been craving since last week and tried my hand at grilling some of it.


4. Watch a movie. I’m hoping to see UP and the Coraline DVD my friend lent me a few weeks back.

I hope the next shift will be much better!

One response to “Lost?

  1. Nik

    I was going to get the Topshop denim shirt too! Naunahan mo lang ako.. wahaha :p

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