Just a minute in… August


Finally, it’s the weekend! I’ve never been more thankful for it ever since starting 3rd year medical school. Seriously.

Loving… the weather when it’s cool and not being weird and/or humid. The newest issue of Nylon. And soaps from Lush, which have lovely textures and smell so good.

Hating… the fact that I’ll be having more and more sleepless nights till next next week. Two words = shifting exams.

Wanting… a Ricoh digital camera, a long cardigan from either Zara or Topshop, black nail polish, big eyeglasses, and clothes for the new season–plaid shirts, floral skirts and dresses. (aaaah so many stuff!)

Listening… the soundtrack of Departures and old bands I’ve been listening to since college. I haven’t had time to look for new music lately.

Craving… for the assorted kimchi, grilled beef and squid I had last Tuesday at a Japanese restaurant. I should learn how to grill beef too though.

Worrying… about how I should study for all my subjects. But for now, it’s time to sleep.


One response to “Just a minute in… August

  1. Nik

    it’s a good thing we have a long weekend. :)

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