A little reflection

I admire all the people who stood (or are currently standing) in line to go to former President Cory Aquino’s wake. Personally, it’s so hard not to be affected by the yellow ribbons tied everywhere, by the crowds who took to the streets to accompany her to the Manila Cathedral, by the stories on TV and in the news of how she touched people’s lives, and how she spent her last days in extreme pain.

It’s sad that, as with many other things, I only appreciated how much she did for everyone in this country after she was gone. She did not only win back democracy for us, but also stood as an example of humility, goodness and sincerity, qualities that seemed to have flown out of her so naturally that the ordinary Filipino could see it. And in politics, especially in this country, those qualities are extremely hard to find. Without her, we would probably still be living in fear and uncertainty, or under some tyrannical rule. It can be hard to appreciate that today, because I never got to experience that era and times are so different now. (For one thing, our current president sucks. Our teacher was right when he said that it was she who deserved to get cancer.)

Rest in peace, President Cory. Thanks for all that you did; the Philippines was blessed to have had you.


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