Random stuff


Having a magazine as bathroom reading is one of the sure signs that it’s the weekend for me. That, and being able to sleep early without worrying about the next day.

Today is going pretty great though. Since Jow is starting his rotations at the hospital next week, we decided to celebrate (?) by hitting a buffet for lunch. I’m not always into buffets but it was so fun! We were there when the buffet opened and up till it closed at around 2 PM, I think. Then we hit Shang afterwards (it was torture to walk toward the mall with a really full stomach!). We looked around, but I resisted because I’m trying to save up for a trip. I walked away with only one super long cardigan from Zara because I’ve always wanted one. Oh, and we saw Kim Chiu! She looks prettier in person.


Our lunch. There was an ongoing Korean Food Festival, but there weren’t a lot of choices :(

I’m going to end this post with a few more things.


Twilight Google: Your basic Google search engine, except that there’s a picture of Edward on the front page. I don’t know if there’s a picture on the search results page too, because I didn’t try it. Twilight mania is just way out of hand… (taken from Geeksugar)


More weird Chanel stuff: this time, it’s fast food. This is fake though, thank goodness. (from Vintage Jesus Fashion)

Last would be this video, which is the cutest wedding march EVER. It was so touching and happy!


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