No classes again

But only for today. I think we still have classes tomorrow to make up for the 10-day quarantine, but I don’t really mind (unless they suddenly schedule a 5-hour make up class for Medicine, haha). I woke up today with a hoarse voice and slight cough so I’m very thankful for the rest. Being indoors wearing comfy clothes and getting to rest while it’s raining outside is great.

Last week I downloaded an application for my phone that lets me apply filters to the phone pics for different effects. So far I’ve been having fun trying it out :) Here are some samples.


Retro style. I thought it suited the packaging of the original Royce’ chocolate :)


Lomography style. A pair of heels I’ve been contemplating. Waaay cheaper than Stella Luna, hehehe


Lomo style #2. The townhouse cat who frequently hangs out at our place looking for a bite to eat.

Hopefully today I can finish more of my readings since I didn’t get to last night. Fell asleep quite early and woke up at 530 this morning in a panic over how to cram. One more reason why I’m glad classes are suspended today :)


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2 responses to “No classes again

  1. Nik

    Royce…. drool…..

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