Before the studying


(from Popseoul’s Top 5 Korean Movies of All Time)

I watched the Korean war film Taegukgi with Jow last night even though I was (and still is) feeling guilty for not studying. The movie (English title: Brotherhood) is about two brothers drafted to fight against the communists during the Korean War, and how the war changes them from idealistic young men to ruthless, war-hardened soldiers. Although I’m not fond of war movies, I enjoyed this one very much. It was very brutal in presenting the realities of war to the point that you can’t help but be moved and cry, or at least get teary-eyed, during several scenes. I know I did. And the story was really good that I found myself still thinking about it the next day.

Anyway, in other news… only three days left before school starts. All the text announcements, file uploads and pages upon pages to print out is driving me crazy. I can’t even print anything because I don’t have a driver for our new printer, and I have no idea what to study first. Psych, derma, pedia, surgery? Or catch up on my waaay behind Medicine II readings? I wish I didn’t have to think about it.


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