Clothes talk #1

I’ve recently become a little obsessed with Twitter. Aside from catching up with friends, it’s also become a useful tool to stay updated on the news, whether it’s about the world, tech news, fashion, web or otherwise. Thanks to my overcrowded Twitter feed, I came across this DIY win:


(from Jak & Jil)

It even has a chain strap! And I think it became a popular image this week since it made the rounds of several blogs.

A few years ago, I used to be totally fascinated by anything Chanel. I really wanted a quilted black bag because Mischa Barton looked so chic carrying one (as a school bag!!) on The O.C., my favorite show back in college. But now everyone carries Chanel bags like it doesn’t cost a hundred thousand bucks, so it kind of lost its appeal. I still dream of owning two-toned ballet flats (and maybe a bag and dress) one day though.

It also occurred to me how Chanel keeps on producing really random products, like a football and a bicycle. But this would have to be the weirdest. A segway?! It does look chic though.

chanel1(from HighSnobette)

On a last note, I’m liking Topshop’s  Horror Girls Collection for Fall ’09, inspired by vampires (not surprised ;p) and old slasher flicks. I’ve already seen a few of the cropped tees creeping into stores, but it’s too bad a lot of the more edgy pieces don’t seem to reach these shores. If I weren’t a med student, I would have probably applied for a job in retail a long time ago. (But then again, the math and accounting surely required for that job would have killed me…)


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