Two unrelated thoughts

I’ve decided to write a totally random entry since I’m feeling quite bored and have just installed Photoshop on my laptop. I figured my amateur photo editing skills needed an exercise so this slightly image-heavy post is the perfect excuse for that. So, here are some of the things on my mind today:

#1 – I miss Japan a lot.



Okay, I know I sound like a Japan-obsessed geek (wait… I probably am). But I’m guessing everyone who goes to Japan later on return home with a yearning to visit this wonderful country once again. At least my cousin, who came along for the trip, and some of my college friends do.

Some of the things I miss include the conveniently placed vending machines (milk tea anytime!), getting away with funky outfits and heavy eyeliner for daytime (because other girls will always outdo you), the cold weather, doing your makeup on the train, weird toilets with heated seats, walking the brightly lit streets at night and, of course, the super fresh food. I can go on and on actually. When I’m a bit older, I hope I can earn enough to go back there often, because I know I won’t be able to for the next few years. :(

#2 – I want a DVD copy of this.


(from Google Images and Longbourn)

After randomly coming upon one of the piano pieces from the soundtrack yesterday, I realized that this version of Pride and Prejudice is probably one of my  favorite movies. Mostly because, like many girls, I love the book a lot. I accidentally discovered it years ago while randomly searching for a book to write a report on for English class, because the cover (a gentleman and a girl in white) caught my eye. Being a sucker for romance, I instantly fell for the plot, probably an archetype for the many love stories that came after it. And the book started my habit of collecting and reading classic novels as well.

As for the film itself, I actually have vague memories since the only time I watched it from start to finish was when it first screened in 2005. But I do remember loving the lighting, the music, the scenery and the cinematography in general, as well as the performances of Keira Knightley (one of my favorite actresses) and Matthew MacFadyen (we were still swooning over him well after the movie was over). The last image, in particular, is one of the most beautiful and memorable scenes for me. If I have some time and extra money left, I just might look around for a copy tomorrow.

PS. It may not be obvious, but I actually went nuts over the image alignment and spacing in this entry. Seriously, sometimes my OC-ness really disturbs me…


2 responses to “Two unrelated thoughts

  1. Nik

    *sigh* Matthew MacFadyen… *sigh*

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