Another break.

So this is how my first semester as a 3rd year med student is turning out–have classes for one week, suspend classes for the next 10 days because of AH1N1, have classes for another week, then suspend again for another 10 days. Of course I appreciate vacations, but not in this manner. I’m 95% sure we won’t be having a semestral break anymore thanks to this. *sob*

Since I had nothing better to do today, I didn’t pass up a chance to go to Saizen (the local franchise of the popular 1oo-yen shop Daiso) because my mom wanted to buy more plastic pots for her plants. Of course I ended up buying more stuff than her ;p as always, hehe. I wound up taking a few pictures, but these totally fail to do justice.


Close up of an entire half-aisle, dedicated to nothing but notebooks and loose leaf paper of varying sizes and designs. You can choose from traditional Japanese, vintage, cutesy pink cakes or animals to minimalist white. I surprisingly never buy anything despite being a stationery freak.




This wall was full of super cute figurines, the kind you’d be tempted to buy but have no idea what to do with once you get home… I wanted one of the sleeping kitties but my room is way too full of junk already. In celebration of the Japanese Tanabata festival, the store is currently having a promo where you can wish for one of seven (or was it eight?) packages they’re giving away. I chose the aromatherapy set because it’s something I wouldn’t normally buy. And it’s a lot better than the hardware/tools package though I’d never buy that too, hehe.

Later I went out again for dinner with my cousin at Shangrila. It was pretty fun to browse around with her because she works in retail, giving me a bit of insight as to how things work in that industry. At Stella Luna, these gladiator sandals in particular caught my eye–


But at around Php8000+, they’re just way too expensive for my budget. Oh well. I walked away with a pair of too-cute knickers from Topshop instead since they were having another underwear-related promo (buy 2 pairs and get a discount).

I guess that’s it for now. Still a bit guilty because I’ve been trying hard to save, and I still wind up buying so many things :( which is just one of the reasons why 10 day quarantines are really bad. It eats up your time, your vacation, your motivation to study, and most of all, your wallet. And makes you eat a lot too :( Sigh.

** bonus link: Fifty-Two Stories. A service from Harper Perennial, this site promises a new short story every week :)


3 responses to “Another break.

  1. Nik

    Must go to Saizen! Haha :)

    Did you have to mention Topshop? You know I’m avoiding temptation. Tsk tsk…

    • cheannn

      but underwear is something you’ll feel less guilty about. haha ;p there are some really cute ones right now. wish our uniforms weren’t white so we could wear topshop undies more often.

  2. Nik

    I saw several I wanted to buy last Wednesday but we were in a hurry to go home so I didn’t bother. I regret it now. :(

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