Just a minute… in July

Listening… to the new Phoenix album, Michael Jackson, Cobra Starship’s new song with Leighton Meester (<3 her!)

Craving… for Korean food. Seafood pancake, kimchi, bulgogi, dolsot bibimbap! Can’t wait for my classmate’s birthday lunch next week.

Wanting... a new digital camera, since my Cybershot is about to die and I’ve entrusted my SLR to my brother. Hopefully I can save up. Plus new eyeglasses, Topshop boyfriend shorts, and a beribboned straw hat from Saizen.

Reading… the latest issue of Teen Vogue, and possibly some fiction in the next few days

Thinking… of what to do for the next nine days while classes are suspended. And if I should move my blog elsewhere.

Feeling… a little annoyed at somebody. But trying not to be.

(taken from Nikki, who got it from August Street)


3 responses to “Just a minute… in July

  1. Nik

    Cobra Starship? Still haven’t listened to it.

    Going to agree with you on Korean food. Can’t wait for that!

    Am also saving up for an SLR.

    And resisting the temptation for another Topshop visit.

    This is going to be a long week. :(

    • cheannn

      I’m thinking of getting a ricoh too, like M. But the less expensive entry-level model. SLRs are too heavy for me :c
      And waaah I went to Topshop today, saw a great pair of loose denim shorts but resisted :D this break is really bad for our wallets!

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