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Suspending classes week after week is just not a good idea… thanks to a confirmed case of H1N1 in our building, classes for this week was called off, and so I’ve reverted back to being my lazy bum self. Good thing the government has decided to change the policies about suspending classes and have realized that the H1N1 virus, while being a pandemic and all, is rather mild. According to my friend who acquired the virus, the common flu is even worse. And people may be carriers and not know it until they get their throats swabbed. But of course it still makes me paranoid…

Anyway, I know I haven’t blogged in a while so I’m just going to sum everything up with pictures taken from my phone :)


Nohohon Zoku figurine I bought just before school started. Their heads bob from side to side when under a light source and supposedly, watching it can relieve a person of stress, making them a popular desk toy for office employees. I bought it purely for the cuteness factor and was glad to find them in local toy stores :)


Radiology class during the first week of school. 200+ students crammed into one room… as one teacher remarked, it was like being in a sauna. But with a lecture going on in front = not relaxing at all.


Bagoong rice, my lunch last weekend at SR Thai. Nikki had the seafood fried rice and we both had Thai iced tea… she was right in saying that it’s one of the best Thai iced teas out there! I’d go back there just for that. The food was cheap too.


An early dinner at Sango! with Tal last Monday. My half-eaten yakiniku kimchi rice burger, master fries and melon soda (the best!). We went to Rockwell to spend our book money on the different stores going on sale. Hahaha! Bad, I know. Fortunately (or not?), we did not go home empty handed.


The aforementioned loot. If I don’t have all the important books this semester, now you know why. I got 2 Mango tops and a dress, some beauty stuff from PCX (including an eye brightening roll-on I’ve been using religiously) and my most favorite purchase, Topshop loose boyfriend jeans. I so love the fact they’re back in style! This pair is probably the comfiest jeans I own.


Dinner of sam gyup sal with Jow at Korean Village restaurant in Malate. Restaurant was a bit lacking in ambiance but the meal was so filling, just like in those really authentic Korean restaurants :)

Yes, I know I’ve been mostly going out and eating this week… I feel so fat now. -___- But I’m pretty sure the coming hell weeks of school will put things back into perspective.


2 responses to “Phone pic spam

  1. Nik

    Now yours had been a fulfilling week. At least you got to buy some goodies while I have to refrain myself from doing the same thing. Your food pics , especially that bagoong rice, are making me hungry.

  2. jowel

    indeed you are fat harhar

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