One more week

Classes have been pushed back to the 15th. So this is what I’ve been doing/what I plan to do.

  • Drag Me to Hell. Watched it last night… very campy and entertaining, haha! Also pretty gross. And I just found out that one of the actors, Justin Long, is actually that guy in the “I’m a Mac” ads (he’s the Mac, of course). No wonder he looked so familiar!
  • French Film Festival at the Shang. I hope I can catch one movie since they’re all showing for free. But if not, there’s always the internet.
  • Last year’s notes. They’re all still sitting on shelf waiting to be put away in folders. Not to mention, gathering dust (along with my brain). 
  • Hair woes. Straight or curly? My friend says I should decide soon since after having my hair processed, I won’t be able to shampoo for several days. Ewww…
  • Meeting up with my best friend this Tuesday, after a very very long time of not seeing each other. Finally! It was so hard to because of our schedules, even though she now lives very close by.
  • Shopping for things to keep my room organized. I still can’t see the bottom of my desk.
  • TV episodes. I STILL have not watched the last remaining episodes of Gossip Girl. I didn’t even download them but I’m still so lazy to watch. Sigh.
  • Waking up early. I will seriously try.

    One response to “One more week

    1. Nik

      * I’m with you there regarding the 2nd year notes. haha :)
      * I say keep your hair curly. It really suits you.
      * You still haven’t finished GG?! WHAT? I command you right now to watch it online! :P

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