Just to change the look a little, I uploaded a new header. Still looking for my copy of Photoshop so I can finally make a more decent one next time. I’m also thinking of moving blogs, but I’m not sure yet. WordPress is really great, but the boring layouts just kill me :(

Nothing much happening these days except for constant rain. It’s the perfect weather for sleeping in, but not for going out on errands or, worse, going to school. In flood-prone old Manila at that. I’m crossing my fingers that classes will be cancelled so I can wake up at 11 AM for a few more days. But in case classes start anyway, here’s a list of the long weekends for 2009 (that affect school days) to look forward to. :)

12 June -Independence Day
21 August – Ninoy Aquino Day
31 August – National Heroes’ Day
21 September – Eid’l Fitr
1 November -All Saints’ Day
2 November – All Soul’s Day
30 November – Bonifacio Day

I hear the 27th-28th of November is a national holiday too. The info was taken from Visit Sagada (I want to!) and Byahilo. :)


One response to “Semi-makeover

  1. Nik

    You’re too excited for national holidays. hehe :P

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