So here’s what happened after my last entry.

Thursday. Went to school early for enrollment in the hopes that I’d be able to finish quickly. But everybody else had the same idea so I finished a bit late. And at 3 PM, only 3 people were in queue. -_- But I was able to meet up with med friends and got treated to milk tea too so it wasn’t that bad. Spent the rest of the day with Jow in Manila and even got a chance to see some of their classrooms. So new, clean and well designed compared to the rooms in UST.

Friday. Met up with college friends to pig out at Charlie’s Grind and Grill, only to find that there was a blackout and the only things we could order were cheese steak, chicken burger and hotdogs. So that was what we ordered and it was still pretty good :) Went roaming around Shangri-La Plaza after that. It was my first time to go window shopping after traveling so I ended up wanting a lot of shoes and shirts. It was a good thing I didn’t bring any money!

Saturday. Got to try my new uniforms on. They look so much better than the old one for sure! I suddenly felt older and more professional-looking. Haha :)


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  1. Nik

    My uniforms are not finished yet. So sad.

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