A sure sign that school is near, aside from the fact that it’s the last week of May: your classmate posting a copy of the section’s class schedule online. I downloaded it earlier, but only got a decent look at it now. My first 2 thoughts were “They weren’t kidding.. so many subjects!” and “OMG, Epid in the first sem!” which is sure to be a big hassle. I just hope that we get a better facilitator than the one we got last year.

There’s a big upside though: classes end at 5 PM at the latest. And we get out at 3 on Fridays, which sure beats getting out at 6 (thanks to Pharma, no less). I’m really going to miss waking up late, though. Sad to think it’ll be over soon :(


One response to “Dread

  1. Nik

    I was hoping we’d get one half-day. But sadly, the idea was just too good to be true. Sigh. See you tomorrow C :)

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