2 weeks later

I think I gained a lot of weight over the summer. I’ve never been really hungry for meals but I devour a lot of snacks, especially ice cream. On the way home to Pampanga, I always made sure we’d stop at the NLEX Shell station so I could have my Dairy Queen Blizzard fix. Now my old uniform doesn’t seem to fit the way it used to :( but I still have to wear it next week for enrollment because my new, hard-earned, I’m-a-3rd-year-student-now uniforms will probably not be finished by that time, and the school has a no uniform = no enrollment policy. I wish our school wasn’t so strict about it because I think it’s quite pointless. But anyway.

Since I don’t have a lot to talk about, I might as well talk about this weird drink/thing I encountered on our last night in Japan.


Unfortunately I didn’t take a better picture, but it’s Minute Maid Morning Banana (jelly? Drink? Snack?). I bought it at a convenience store thinking it was some sort of banana juice, but when I opened it I found myself slurping instead of sipping. It tasted like mashed bananas in water, or, as my cousin put it, banana that someone has already chewed up then spit out. My half-Japanese friend informed me that girls consume it in the morning when rushing to school or work, but I thought it would taste much worse the day after so I never finished it.

Later when I got back here I found out it’s actually part of the Morning Banana Diet (which I found out about when I saw bananas for sale at 7-11). You eat 1 or more bananas in the morning with water at room temperature, eat anything for lunch, have a snack at around 3 PM, then eating anything for dinner, preferably before 8 PM. And then it recommends that you go to sleep before midnight. That’s when I realized why the banana drink tasted like that, and since I was interested in losing weight I figured it would be an easy diet to try. But I haven’t yet, because I don’t think I can sleep that early. And I don’t have enough willpower to resist snacks. But I guess it would be a good breakfast option when school comes. Either that or the meal replacement I’ve been planning to try out.

In other news, I really really don’t want the summer vacation to end. Only 2 weeks left :( I don’t wanna wake up early yet.

Also, the Great Book Blockade of 2009 frustrates the hell out of me. I’m not the most voracious reader out there, but come on. Don’t discourage me, and everyone else who likes to (or wants to) read. :(


2 responses to “2 weeks later

  1. Nik

    I think I’ll have to try that diet thing too.

    Do you know you’re the first person who made me realize the start of classes are coming soon?

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