Midsummer goals

Two months is really too short when you’re a medical student…

  • Watch downloaded movies. Not to mention Korean dramas plus all the American TV shows and episodes of Gossip Girl I haven’t watched yet.
  • Get off my butt and make at least one dish. I hope I can at least manage to make onigiri so I can bring some to school to eat. A lot healthier and more satisfying than the usual junk food/Skyflakes crackers I bring.
  • Fix my med school notes and hopefully muster enough cash to have at least some of it hard bound. I want my notes to be arranged chronologically but forgot to mark most of the dates during the school year. Bah.
  • Go vintage shopping. I like buying from local vintage shops AKA ukay ukays since they’re cheap and unique. But my mom and my friends don’t. *sniff*
  • Re-learn Japanese and/or learn some basic Korean.
  • Learn to play at least one piano piece. I think it was only last year that I really regretted quitting piano. Thankfully there are so many Youtube tutorials available on songs I really want to play.
  • Go to Tagaytay and Subic again. Tagaytay to eat, and Subic to see animals/eat/take pictures/Treetop Adventure!
  • Re-learn how to edit photos in Photoshop so my photos look a bit more decent.

That’s mostly it. I would have included finally driving in Manila but it’s unfortunately still out of the question.


3 responses to “Midsummer goals

  1. Nik

    In my opinion, food is always good. Hehe.. Welcome back che! :)

  2. kevin

    why don’t we study Cantonese? :p Are you interested in training in HK/Singapore? :)

    • cheannn

      kev, pwede actually! gusto mo? i’ve been interested in singapore before pa but now HK is fine with me too ;p feeling ko ang hirap aralin though!

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