I was supposed to post this entry around a week ago but never got to because things got busy and I grew frustrated at how slow my laptop was in uploading pictures :(

Anyway, yup, I’m back from Japan! And also Boracay, where I went a few days after to spend almost another week pigging out and trying to get a tan (which was impossible because it was raining almost all the time). I unluckily went home with an upset stomach and a fever, probably due to eating too many oysters. I’m feeling better now though.

So now I’m back in Pampanga again, but not before visiting the worst dermatologist EVER earlier this afternoon. I say the worst not due to lack of skills, more of because he/she had the worst manners ever–quite rude and unbecoming of a doctor. All because of one simple question I asked: “How long is this going to take?” I don’t know, but for me this is just common, expected and not something you should throw a fit over. To cut things short, I’m obviously never going back there again.

Anyway, moving on… here are some pictures from our trip that I was supposed to post the day after I got back but never got to!


Unfortunately cherry blossom season was almost over when we got there :( which is why this particular tree has leaves already. Didn’t notice that before, hahaha


A historical bridge in Nikko, which is located at a higher altitude than Tokyo. It was freezing! Too bad you can’t cross the bridge anymore, or even go under it…



A temple and the tomb of Tokugawa Ieyasu at the Nikko Toshogu Shrine. To reach the tomb, you have to climb around 200 or more steps to the top of a mountain.


Visual kei and Lolita stuff at a side street in Harajuku. I like the 3 dresses on the right… a lot of girls were walking around in similar styles but in pastel colors.


Macarons from a chocolate shop in Omotesando Hills


UFO catcher full of ice cream at a Sega arcade in Shibuya. Seriously, their UFO catchers have everything, from lunch boxes to instant noodles and mp3 players! So much better than the lame ones here. Our host got a football, lunch box and a few stuffed toys for me :)


The ubiquitous vending machine


Our hosts’ super cute Akita, Jun!

Last but not the least… yep, Towairaito was showing there only very recently. Pretty sad in my opinion ;) The promotional picture is a lot better though.



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