It’s official

I’m on vacation :) nothing school-related to worry about anymore.

Nothing much has been happening. I’m still playing Restaurant City, craving for Korean food and listening to more and more K-pop. But over the weekend I did go to Subic with my mom’s side of the family and went jet skiing and parasailing for the first time. Super fun! And parasailing was not as scary as I thought it was–it was peaceful, actually. Until strong winds swing your parachute from side to side and make you dizzy. -_- I think my mom and I are going back there this week for some duty free shopping since it was so crowded when we were there. So yes, Subic is actually growing slowly on me.

Since I can’t think of anything else to say, let me just post these pics I all found at Fubiz (which I found through Kanye West’s blog!). It’s a great site if you’re into advertising, product packaging and design :)


Monopoly: Own It All ad campaign based on 4 streets in the game (I always wanted Boardwalk!)


Fruit juice packaging by Naoto Fukasawa


Tylenol ad campaign featuring “certain questions which are a headache”

Finally, Milk packaging by Hattomonkey studio. Why can’t milk cartons be this cute? (but if they were, I’d collect them and trash would accumulate in my room!)

PS. I’m also looking forward to watching Angels and Demons and 17 Again (haha).


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