I’m totally amazed at Twitter. I don’t have an account but I was reading my friend’s, who’s a big fan of Nicole Richie (who has an account too). Hmm it seems like ALL of the celebrities have one, and it was quite fun to go click on names because they all seemed like good friends and kept replying to each other. Makes them seem less like the unreachable Hollywood celebs that they are. I wish some of my favorite stars (like maybe Leighton Meester or Rpattz? hahaha) would start one too :p (although Rpattz would be totally unlikely!)

Meanwhile, in real life… I woke up today to find my phone on the floor, without its case. I hid it under my pillow before sleeping last night, so I have no idea how it ended up on the floor. It’s just a matter of time before I start inspecting it obsessively for any “injuries” aka scratches. I’m also going to try to be good and not use the internet/laptop so much for the next four days so no updates till then. :) Hope everyone has a blessed week.

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