Home again

I’m in Pampanga for the Holy Week. It feels great to be here again, even if the days are often unbearably long and slow. Maybe it’s because going here always makes me think I’m on vacation. In Manila, my room is crammed with my books and handouts, which reminds me too much of med school and the year that just went by.

Been running errands all day mostly because I forgot to bring a lot of important things, like sunblock and my contact lens solution (which I even took out of the bathroom already so I wouldn’t forget.. sigh). Reeeally wanted to buy Shiseido sunscreen because it’s the only one I’ve tried that prevented me from getting too dark, but the price went up since I bought my first bottle back in 2004 so I settled for Neutrogena instead. I plan to get tan anyway :) Also wanted lots of books at National Bookstore, including 3 volumes of The Sandman that I don’t have yet. I would have bought them right away but they were all unwrapped, battered and dog-eared. Super disappointing :(

I’ll be back in Manila by Monday to take my first remedial exam ever (boooooo! :c), and I’ll officially be on vacation after that. I’m very, very thankful that I have so many opportunities to go on trips this summer and maybe even during the sembreak.  Sure makes up for last year when all we did was house hunt under the oppressively hot sun. It’s the only time something like this has happened, and it’s my last summer ever too (*crosses fingers*) so I really plan to spend it wisely :)


2 responses to “Home again

  1. Hey, I didn’t know you had remedials. I was thinking all three of us were safe. I wish I could’ve helped you. I’ll pray extra hard for you this holy week. :)

  2. cheannn

    I actually passed the finals but our stupid faci apparently did not receive one of the exercises I passed, which brought down my grade big time. He gave us REALLY low grades on the exercises and that’s 40% of the entire thing. Whole story next time! Sorry for not telling you. It’s rather embarrassing :s

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