Dun wanna study

So I’m posting these crappy phone pictures instead! Sorry… it was either this or playing a video game. And I don’t have my camera charger *coughcough* so the phone cam is all I have. (no offense meant! :p)


This was my desk (rather, my mom’s vanity table) the night before our Pharma exam. There’s lots of food there to make sure I stay awake, including a 41 ounce bag of Skittles on the right (given by my mom’s friend who’s from the US). I have no idea how I’m supposed to finish that…


I tried these white shoes on during the first week of March, but unfortunately they didn’t fit me well.


A very effeminate polar bear… haha kind of fail if you ask me :p

Can’t believe how crappy the phone pics turn out. It’s a bit annoying. But anyway, I’m really glad we have only 3 days left. My finals aren’t all that good but hopefully I won’t be having any remedials. *crosses fingers* I seriously can’t wait to get out, sleep in, get a tan and maybe learn how to drive! Summertime is the best :)


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