Home stretch

I don’t have much to talk about actually. Yesterday was probably the most tiring day EVER, I immediately crashed into my bed after going home late in the afternoon since I lacked sleep so much. I also had three exams, all of which had not so good results. But our Medicine subject is always fun so it wasn’t so bad. Our teacher even let us tag along to watch her interrogate the clerks, which gave me an idea of what I’ll be facing in the next few years.

Anyway, only a few more weeks till school ends!!! It’s exciting yet scary at the same time, but I really shouldn’t think negatively… I just hope I don’t screw up in any way! :s

I went browsing around the mall today for one last time before my self-imposed exile. I just had to try the Melissa Love Li sandals on after seeing them in the online store:d-24-06

The bow and gingham lining are really cute but I’m not sure whether I like this one or the open-toed Love Fu more! My mom says I’m just not used to wearing closed-toe slip ons. I’m not sure if they flatter my feet.

Before leaving, we also saw this beautiful bag (pic from Neiman Marcus):


It’s the YSL Easy Y bag, which my mom and I liked because of the leather and colors (there was one in beige and another in plum on display). I also like it because it’s understated and non-flashy at all. Unfortunately it’s also super duper expensive! Hopefully it’s still around when sale season begins.

Anyway, have to go and do something productive even it’s rather late. Wish me luck, I need it bad!


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