Nothing much

Time sure flies by. I’m turning a year older this Monday but I don’t feel it at all. It’s just another Monday (and I still like to think I’m 19, hahaha). Maybe because of exams?

Coincidentally, I took the Simpsons Personality Test a while ago (thanks Nikki!) and this was the result:


Haha :) I am getting old. I feel it in a lot of ways and I’m not sure if I like it.

Been out all day so I haven’t studied a thing at all. Went to SM to do some errands and walked away with some cheap sale stuff–a guys’ shirt, a dress, a mirror and tights (that I thought looked nice but make me look like I have a skin disease when I tried them on). Anyway, I should study now so I don’t fail my exams on Monday. In case you’re bored, check out what is quite possibly the greatest high school english paper of all time :)


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