Slob and fatness

I just came back from the kitchen, where I suddenly realized (at midnight, no less) how much unhealthy junk I ate this weekend. A lot of cheese, bread with more cheese, pizza, beef, green mangoes with salt, macarons, gelato, and only one serving of vegetables for 3 whole days (and it was mixed with soup too). I read somewhere (Teen Vogue? haha) that unhealthy, greasy food can lead to bad skin. It leads to inflammation, or something like that… I guess it’s no wonder my face looked like a road map when I finally applied some toner again earlier :s annoying, fluctuating hormones don’t help either. I often feel like I should watch what I’m eating more often but chips, french fries and ice cream are just too good to pass up. I guess should I really buy concealer soon…


One response to “Slob and fatness

  1. Ooh me too… lots of junk food for the past weeks. I guess that explains the breakouts in my face. :(

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