Time flies by really fast

We were supposed to have a LOT of exams today but thanks to the 3 day weekend, most of it was pushed to later this week and next week, leaving me without much reason to study except for our case presentation. It makes me feel guilty though :s it really does. And now that I’m actually sitting here at my desk, planning to study, our neighbors have suddenly decided to do their usual rounds of bad drunken karaoke at the same time. Waaah.

I was actually able to go out several times but didn’t buy ANYTHING at all, which really surprises me. Me, the mall rat, not come home with anything except for lip balm and a piece of candy? Haha. At least this means I get to save. And since I have so many exams coming up I’ll probably be richer by the end of March. Yes, it’s almost summer again. I just hope I don’t mess up in any subject anymore.

Lastly, I’m pretty glad Heath Ledger won the Best Supporting Actor Award. :) I should also make a note to watch The Reader and Slumdog Millionaire when I have time. And it just occurred to me now that I want Mary-Kate and Ashley’s book (Influence), which I saw several times at Fully Booked. I’m glad there’s a branch nearby just in case.


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