V-day weekend

It feels reeeally good to wake up late after sleeping for only 4-5 hours these past few days. I don’t think I’ve been this tired in a while… we were supposed to go out for my mom’s birthday yesterday but we all got lazy so we just geeked out and watched local TV  instead :p Can’t really afford to slack off, though… this weekend marks the start of many more hell weeks to come, and I really have to study so I don’t take remedials and ruin my summer in the process.

Some of the great things about this week:

  • Getting a Simple Life milk tea fix
  • Finally applying some of the stuff we study in the wards. If only we did this more often… I swear I’d be more interested and motivated. However, patients freaking out when you freak out over PE results = not good.
  • Eating REALLY good Thai food with friends. We’ve already made a deal to do Korean next week.
  • Getting roses from our guy friends. I often think Valentine’s Day is a bit cheesy, but it’s still nice to feel appreciated. Haha :) And I find that there’s no avoiding it when you’re a couple.

So there, Happy Valentine’s Day! I leave you now with one of my favorite happy love songs :)


One response to “V-day weekend

  1. Black gulaman…. thai food… red roses… yup last week was good. See you tomorrow! :)

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