Feeling it

Came home today feeling extremely tired. I’m probably going to fall asleep the second I lie down on my bed. It’s not hell week yet but there are so many cases to study, reports to do, handouts to read, techniques (like cardio PE and surgical sutures and knots) to practice… just listing down everything in my head makes me go crazy. And I’ve barely started on anything.

Today wasn’t so bad though. Our facilitator in Med I left us with medical residents in ENT and Neuro instead of teaching us the PE techniques herself. Not sure if she was too busy, because she met us with a copy of Twilight in her arms -__- Kind of amusing because she always struck me as a very serious person. I didn’t mind her not being there, though, because talking to residents is often easier for me. It also made me realize that one big perk of being a medical student = getting consultations for free. I now know that one of my major skin issues can only be fixed by either a) concealer, or b) a skin graft. And I don’t have money for both! :(


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