The weekend of zero studying

Was this weekend, yes! I got to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button like I wanted (and I really, really enjoyed it), eat out at Greenbelt, download lots and lots of new albums, even shop a little. I guess it’s the shifting exam effect. But it’s not over yet–three more exams plus a practical exam and *gulp* the pharma seminar on Friday. I really hope the teachers don’t leave me crying or something in front of everyone.

So today I wasted my time rebuilding my music library plus finally downloading Poladroid. I actually have an old Polaroid I have yet to try, and since everyone has been raving about this application I decided to try it out. It’s super fun and instantly turns your pictures into vintage-y Polaroid-style prints! I tried it on some of the pictures on my laptop and here are some of the results.

The C6 Christmas Party last year


Somewhere in Clark


The Merlion from our Singapore trip last year


See? It’s a really fun waste of time if you’re a fan of how Polaroid pictures look :)


One response to “The weekend of zero studying

  1. I like the singapore shot… :)

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