These things have me smiling right now.

  • Knowing I didn’t fail a shifting exam for once. And that would be for Anesthesiology, which  I took earlier this afternoon. Yay!
  • MS Office :p Geeky, I know… but at least now that I have a copy (a legit one at that) I can finally say goodbye to my old Powerbook (which I will truly miss since it’s been my constant companion for the last three years).
  • Trying out the milk tea at school. It is pretty good so it’s no wonder the line’s always long. Add to that meeting some classmates there who said hi after I thought they didn’t know my name. Kind of makes me want to be friendlier. Kind of. Hehe
  • Knowing the weekend is very near. Which means I can sleep in without guilt more, and that I can finally go watch Benjamin Button :)
  • And finally, having Royce’ chocolate potato chips in the ref! Two bags at that! Wheeeeee. Hello diabetes and hypertension! And I have new Japanese magazines too :)

Okay, back to reality. Here’s to hoping I also pass my two exams tomorrow.


One response to “Happy!

  1. i want me some royce too! :(

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