Things to do

My general resolutions:

  • Practice driving! I seriously have to conquer my fear of driving (specifically driving in Manila) if I want to stop relying on other people.
  • Cook more. Not to mention do more of the actual cooking rather than just buying ingredients and arranging them before cooking. Haha :)
  • Save up! Srsly. I hope I have enough willpower to save for something expensive or for a trip abroad *crosses fingers*
  • Be healthier meaning eat healthy, get better skin, exercise (haha)
  • Watch more downloaded movies.
  • To do something charitable.
  • To be a better student! (yet again..) Better student = better doctor?
  • To be more grateful for the things I have.

Things to do for the next few weeks

  • Finish my part for the Pharma seminar! It’s such a major hassle. My conscious nags me and fills me with guilt for every day during this break that I slack off from it.
  • Hopefully finish reading Neverwhere soon
  • Hit the malls for the Zara sale (but try not to buy much)
  • Eagerly wait for the next Gossip Girl episode
  • Make a new header for the blog
  • Lastly, to prepare for the hell that is shifting exam week. AND the week of torture that happens before it. I’m seriously dreading the start of classes…

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One response to “Things to do

  1. When’s the zara sale? I must prepare myself… lol

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