The end of the year

…did not turn out to be as happy as I wanted it to be. I refuse to dwell on it, though. I just hope next year will be a better one in terms of everything. I haven’t thought of any resolutions yet because I break them all anyway (except the one I made to use moisturizer at night :p).

Yesterday Jow came to visit and we ended up driving around Clark Air Base. There’s a huge area there that used to be houses for soldiers (I think) and is now really creepy and abandoned. In fact if you drive further into it cellphone signals go completely dead.


Afterwards we went home to make dinner for ourselves! Baked brie and mini pizzas with basil, tomato sauce and other stuff I can’t remember. It was a fun day :)



Stuff I got at the Mango sale (which is now 70% off!)–a floral skirt and sunglasses (not pictured) for me and a clutch for Nikki. After that, no more shopping for a while (hopefully!). With all that said…

Happy New Year to everyone :)


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