Almost done

I spent the whole afternoon Christmas shopping (but I did buy a loose dress/top for myself, couldn’t help it!) and it makes me happy and relieved to know that I bought gifts for almost everyone already. Yay! I just hope everyone likes them since they’re all gifts I’d like to receive myself (my number one rule when it comes to buying gifts, which I rarely break. Haha). Even if my mom and I went to only one mall, I was still quite tired from all the walking and from carrying a LOT of bags. But it also put me in the Christmas spirit :)

The only big group I still have to buy for would be my subsect, which is still a challenge for me. But I’ll save that for another post.

Meanwhile, here’s my wishlist, which I made last weekend. Just felt like posting =p

The realistic wish list AKA stuff that’s more within reach
A year’s subscription to a Japanese magazine! (like Cutie, Spring or Pinky)
OR a subscription to Nylon magazine
An Envirosax eco-bag
Shower gel from The Body Shop, TheFaceShop or Skin Food
Polaroid film (before it totally runs out)
A new camera lens + polarizing filter
A Lomo LC-A
Zara heels or Steve Madden black suede flats
Ultimate Kylie album
Topshop studded sling bag
new gray acid wash or black skinny jeans
baby Schwarz Principles of Surgery book (yuck!)
a passing grade in Pharmacology! (but only I can do this… waaah)

The fantasy wish list AKA the totally unattainable for now
A 15” MacBook Pro
Designer bags from Goyard, YSL, Proenza Schouler, Balenciaga, Chanel,  Mulberry (not telling which ones :p). Last but not least, an Hermes Birkin! Hahaha dream on…
A Volvo C30 (can you guess why? haha) or a BMW 1-series (+ driving skills for the Manila streets)
A Nintendo DS in light blue (with games, of course)
A Nintendo Wii + Wii Fit
A trip to Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan or France. (or all 4!)
Edward Cullen! =p

Okay, I’m off to do a patient history again.


One response to “Almost done

  1. nikki

    Hmm.. so many choices to pick from, what will i get you? Oh and excuse edward c. he’s a bit busy right now. Haha!:)

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