I was 14 again

Thanks to the Twilight advanced screening I attended last night. It was so worth it! Robert Pattinson is love! ;p

I had 4 favorite scenes from the movie (highlight to read in case you came here by accident and don’t want spoilers):

1) the scene when Edward first appears.
2) their super scenic date on top of the trees–because stuff like that just doesn’t exist, as Bella said.
3) the scene when Edward steps out of the Volvo wearing those Ray-Bans. My heart just about stopped right there! Seriously! No one ever wore them better ;p
4) Lastly, the baseball game!

Of course I liked lots of other things about the movie, like how they added the crime plot and how Rosalie is a bit more vocal and not just glaring all the time. And the scenery was very beautiful :) I’d watch it again if I had time. And I’m sure the DVD will be worth it :)


One response to “I was 14 again

  1. seasofsilver

    I can’t wait! my 14 year old son went with a group of girls (much to his dismay) and loved it – he bought the first two in the series and is enjoying them!!

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