Productive, in a way

I spent almost all of this Saturday online and I hate it :c of course I ended up not doing anything for school. Med school makes me feel that way all the time–so guilty for ignoring studies and actually doing things I want to do. This of course all started with CdG comes to Manila because I’m STILL thinking whether I should get that polkadot bag or not.

Maybe that’s one of the signs that say I won’t be a good doctor–I procrastinate too much and I’m too indecisive. Or maybe that’s just me thinking negatively again, whatever. Anyway, I spent most of the afternoon reading posts from Gala Darling (thanks again to Nikki) and looking at inspiring, arty blogs, which led me to these photos by Lina Scheynius:


Seriously, these are really lovely photos–someone in the comments section said they looked very personal, as if no one wasn’t supposed to see them. I so agree! I WISH I were this talented, haha. So yes, this day was productive in a way. At least I was kind of inspired to do something creative. But since I’m not that creative and there’s not much time to go out and take my own photos, I just thought I’d share these.

Anyway, there’s more at Foto Decadent, one of my favorite LJ communities. I’m really thinking of switching blogs yet again, but I’m not sure yet.


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One response to “Productive, in a way

  1. nikki

    get the bag!! i’ve been wanting one ever since i saw it at bagaholicboy.. oh please, oh please… i’m going to live my dreams thru u! haha

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