It’s Monday night and thanks to the new semester, I don’t have to slave away over Patho handouts. In fact, I don’t think I’d have to stay up late as often as I used to for the past few months :) It’s only now that I’m beginning to see what a relief our new schedule is. No more Clin Path from 4-6, no more OB quizzes every few weeks. Sure, Pharma and Patho will both still stress me out, but I now have more time to study for them and there aren’t any Pedia quizzes to butt in too. I’m super tempted to slack off as much as possible as a a result. I still study but I’ve been going to malls more often ;)

Other things on my mind:

  • I think I’m slowly being eaten alive by mosquitoes (ouch).
  • I dyed my hair black and I like it :)
  • I have a new pair of old-lady black shoes for my dying feet to wear at school. I actually scoured (and winced at) all the old lady shoe stores at Shang and the winner was a plain but soft pair from Aerosoles.
  • I’ve been eating TOO MUCH unhealthy food, and too much food in general
  • listening to music that makes you happy can dilate your blood vessels. I wish I thought of this for our Epid study!
  • I’m trying hard not to act like a 14-year-old fangirl but I’m still quite excited about the Twilight premiere next week :) I hope I get to watch it right away!!

One response to “Amazed

  1. nikki

    22-yr old fangirl then? Haha… We need that Haagen Dazs for our movie night!

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