School again

Yuck, the sembreak was so short. And my mind is still on vacation even if we have a huge case presentation next week. I know I’m supposed to be researching or doing something school-related but since I haven’t been online for a week, it’s hard to stay away from my favorite blogs :) I’m just glad that school in general is lighter now compared to our load last sem. I’m really effing glad I don’t have Clin Path and OB anymore!

Here’s how the first two days of school went:

  • usual boring orientations and introductory lectures. I happily dozed off in one (surgery) complete with a blanket. Hahaha
  • we have a crappy decury (ward work) schedule yet again, even worse off than the one we had last sem. Why do we always end up with facilitators who can’t follow class hours? *big sigh*
  • since our facilatator wasn’t around this morning, my subsect bonded over local showbiz gossip and Boy Bawang, which I really missed. And then we gushed about Twilight later in the afternoon like pre-adolescent fangirls rather than the 2nd year med students that we are. But it was super fun :D
  • Epid is still a waste of time. I wish I could cut it often but the teachers seem to be diabolical. Huhuhu.

On a very random note… one thing I really hate about myself is my tendency to mull over my purchases long after I’ve left the store (or in this case, the country ;c). I keep thinking about whether I should have bought the light heather gray version of a dress I instead bought in dark muddy green-gray (it’s weird but I really don’t know the color until now), or this leather vintage sling bag I found in a not so classy mall. Or this book I found about how to make decisions fast. Or just more books in general (I saw a lot with covers that aren’t available here!) rather than unreadable Japanese magazines I got only for the free stuff. Thinking all these useless thoughts can be quite disturbing, really. definitely a habit I should lose!


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