Last minute shopping

I went home last Thursday with my mom to get some stuff for my aunt’s visit from the US. Before exiting the expressway for good, we stopped by the Mango outlet :)

This is one of the things I actually look forward to when I go home, even more than the actual Mango store that houses current stock in SM Clark. Why? Cheap prices, of course! :) I was able to score really nice plain t-shirts last time at only Php299 each. They sell old stock (and LOTS and lots of trenchcoats/winter clothes, haha) that date back to my college days but nothing looks too dated. I hear there’s another outlet somewhere in Marikina, but I have yet to visit. Maybe when school comes in.

Anyway, I was super disappointed when we were there because my mom pointed out a pair of shoes that I never paid attention to before. They were a pair of black, high-cut, leather lace-up sneakers that would totally suit the Doc Martens/combat boots trend but selling for less than Php2k. The thing is, they didn’t have my size!! Waaaah :c It’s stupid but I still keep thinking about how they would look nice with everything I own. Haha. I hope I find a similar pair when I go to Singapore next week. But I’m sure it won’t be that cheap. :(

Also, I need a new book to read. I finished 2 already since school ended. Maybe I should start reading Twilight? A lot of people keep telling me it’s not good. :/


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One response to “Last minute shopping

  1. nikki

    OMG!!! Mango heaven!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Address please? hehe.. I simply must go there!

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