The R Word

It’s sembreak but I still can’t shake off the feeling that I have something due for school. You know, that feeling of guilt when you go out ’cause you should be studying… since I had my Clin Path grade computed over the week and found out that I’m still hanging by a very thin thread, I guess there’s a valid reason for me to feel that way. It’s hard for me to accept since I’ve been able to sneak past other difficult subjects. :c

Oh well, there’s a first time for everything… I’ve kind of acknowledged the possibility now. I felt really bad last Friday and yesterday but I was consoled by a few things–mall trips (haha, how shallow), food trips, Gossip Girl, the fact that even really great doctors took remedials, even failed the boards on their first try. I should just try to think positively. Maybe it won’t happen, and hopefully my vacation won’t be ruined any further… *crosses fingers for luck*


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