End of the (med week)

Med week, ideally, is this one week in September where school work is supposed to be light and students get to take a day off from those mind-numbing classes. Well, we did get our day off but the school work certainly was hard :s But here were the other two best things about it:

  • Med Catwalk – a “fashion show” which was more like a comedy bar show with all the outrageous posing and costumes. It was super entertaining but the winners weren’t the ones I hoped. Too bad.
  • Of course, Ateneo winning the UAAP!!! :) For the first time in what, six years? Wheeee! I <3 my school so much! 

Of course, easy workload = backlog, so the next few weeks will be extra tough thanks to the countless written and practical exams coming our way. I wish I could actually talk about other things but school really occupies most of my brain and priorities :c super sad, really. But at least GG 5 is coming up next week! I totally dread (and dislike) the return of Queen Serena :s


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