Weekend, finally!

I guess I can safely say that the hours I spent staring at my Pharma handouts have paid off. I passed our scary, nerve-wracking long exam a while ago! Plus the other major quiz we had 30 minutes after that :) And not just the barely-passed kind of pass, so I’m really, really glad. I know I’m not safe from failing yet but at least things have gone my way for once. Even if I STILL haven’t gotten any prescription I’ve ever made right :c

So now I’m on a self-imposed break from anything med school-related. I finally went to the mall a while ago after weeks of being mall-deprived and came home with random stuff, ranging from things I really like (a dress and the newest Teen Vogue) to impulse buys I kind of regret (shoes, and an umbrella I don’t need!). And now I’m looking for new music. Before sinking back into med school oblivion to study maybe Patho and, gulp, Obstetrics. Yes, life is good. *end sarcasm*

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