Of bows and plastic

I finally went to Rockwell yesterday after weeks and weeks of going to either Shang/Trinoma/Midtown (I know, those malls aren’t bad at all but I really needed a change of scenery :p). I was supposed to check out the Rockwell Urban Bazaar but wound up spending my money on a book, magazines, food (Pepper Lunch! :D) and a pair of earrings instead. And I was able to meet up with one of my oldest friends so yay :) Like I said, I haven’t been to Rockwell in such a long time (the last time was prolly summer!) so to see lots and lots of neat merchandise and stylish people was really refreshing. And I think Rockwell is the only mall I know that has piped-in music.

Some of the things I saw but didn’t get were a few Holgas, a huge native canvas bag plus Melissa shoes! It was this particular model that I saw:

I don’t remember what this style was called but it’s quite similar to the one of the Vivienne Westwood styles. Which I all love, btw! I wish they’d ship this style soon (or not, so I can save money first haha):

I actually never thought much of this style but the Vivienne Westwood logo there made a big difference :p okay, not really. But I think it has a suede-ish finish that’s not visible in the picture. (Both pictures from Melissa Plastic Dreams)

While clearing out my desktop, I found this picture I saved a long time ago. It’s a Betsey Johnson bow watch available at Fred Flare. I want it! I’ve been wanting to get more watches since buying a new one this summer (I don’t think I’m cool enough to sport a Technomarine like all the pretty girls in school, haha).

I think bows on my wrist and on my clothes are the farthest I’ll go, no Blairbands please. I hate those things! I do have a ribbon ponytail holder but I don’t even use it anymore ’cause the elastic has turned into bacon.


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