Another school rant

Second year is REALLY REALLY tough. Right now a lot of my grades are in big trouble, mostly due to the fact that a lot of our quizzes are post tests (meaning they’re held right after the lecture) and the questions are either super specific or super vague. Ironically, the only subject that gives decent quizzes (and which I’m doing okay in so far, I might add) is pharmacology, but then they give quizzes ALL the time so it can be difficult to study especially when other subjects hold quizzes on the same day. Like today. Hopefully my Pedia grades are okay so far too.

Next week is like killer hell week coz all the subjects I’m currently failing in (aka ClinPath, Patho and OB, yuck) will be holding practicals, long exams, you name it. I’m sure they’re going to find some way to make me feel stupid again =( and the week after that is shifting exam week. Wish me luck as I go into the med school abyss.


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